Live Stream Raffle - Justin Roberts Original

Live Stream Raffle - Justin Roberts Original

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Time for another stream!

We will be hosting a live stream via our Merch Guy Merch Facebook Page in February, date tbd.

Join us for the stream to watch the painting come to life and comment your input while it gets created.

Once the painting is complete, we will draw the winners LIVE! 

First prize will win the painting & 2nd & 3rd prizes will win a Justin Roberts / Merch Guy Merch prize pack!

TICKET INFO: If you purchase a ticket, you will receive an email confirmation of your order. Your order # will act as your "raffle ticket number". Each order # will be printed out and put in for the live drawing. If you purchase more then one ticket, your order number will be put in for as many ticket s you had. Example: If you buy 3 tickets & your order # is 1001, then 1001 will be entered in raffle 3 times. You can only win one prize. You will receive the highest prize you're drawn for. TICKETS ARE LIMITED TO 40. ONCE 40 ARE SOLD, SALE WILL BE CLOSED.

**If you are unable to meet up at a show or pick up your painting near Cleveland, OH. We will do everything we can to work with you on arranging a meet up, but if nothing can be reached, a shipping fee may be required to send the 1st place painting out. We will cover shipping on 2nd n 3rd prizes.

Please reach out via our Facebook page with any questions.


Good Luck!!